Our wellness workshops provide tools for self-care to those who are least likely to check in with their mental health.

We provide workshops on breath-work, self massage, mobility, recovery, and much more to those who are least likely to check-in with their mental health or know how to self-heal. We offer a traditional studio yoga class for one client and weekly online meditation classes. Through our workshops, our clients have transformative experiences that lead to personal growth and healing.

Our Wellness SessionS

This 8 hour workshop will be broken up into two parts. The a.m.portion will be a workshop setting. We will begin with a 90 minute conversation on Leading Mindfully. Followed by group breakouts sessions / self inquiry. The a.m. portion will allow time to mentally reflect on where we are slowly dying verses where we are thriving.

The second half of the day will be hands on. We’ll integrate our morning session into the physical body. This will consist of a blend of mobility, injury prevention and treatment, breath work.  Winding down with an Irest mediation session. (Studies show one session restores 4 hours of deep REM sleep).

The goal of this day is to get the officers evaluating and set a plan for taking what they learn into their everyday life.

Modalities we Offer Within Our Wellness Sessions

Massage therapy – using Tune-Up Fitness balls to treat and prevent injuries with hands or utilizing massage balls.

Myofascial release – we train on the tissue and what it needs to properly release

Kinesiology – knowing how and why the body moves in proper alignment specifically geared to our first responders who add gear onto their bodies.

Mobilityy – we must move something to move something. Thoughts, body or breath
iRest /Yoga Nidra – sleep deprivation and trauma are the biggest warriors to health and the biggest killers. This body scan practice restores REM sleep, alleviates pain and helps PTS

Yoga – connecting the breath with movement with intentional work has been proven to increase flexibility and reduce stress

Breathwork – we practice many breathing techniques to increase vasodilation and reduce the risk of constriction related deaths
Posturing injury prevention – proper posture and proper use of the diaphragm core and glutes
Grounding – balancing the emotional, mental and physical bodies
Sleep reset – building a routine for better sleep for a better life
Sensory – stimulate the brain, the nervous system and improve coordination

Mindfulnes – we spend most of our time in the past or the future connecting to the present alleviates anxiety and depression while broadening our awareness.


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