Amber Miskovich of The Wonder Within is our go-to resource for our numerous professional development opportunities for Ohio educators. She never fails to deliver a high-impact and transformational learning experience for our conference attendees. Participants walk away feeling restored, reinvigorated, and energized to re-engage in their service to their students and stakeholders!
Becky Hornberger, PhD OAESA/SAIL Executive Director

Ohio School Nurses who had not been together for an in-person conference since 2019, and had suffered much compassion fatigue and burnout from the pandemic. I know there were so many positive verbal comments that were shared in passing with the conference planners as well. I personally know how encouraging and helpful your presentation was. As a District Wellness coordinator, I was especially grateful. I still have the card on my desk that reminds me to ‘relax my jaw, take 3 deep breaths and feel my feet.

I loved the exercises on breathing Amber gave us and that she was so approachable.

Amber Miskovich was wonderful. Presentation was good and needed.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive yoga instruction from The Wonder Within at my firehouse. Our jobs are full of physical and mental stress. The techniques and exercises we’ve learned have helped my body and mind survive. Breath control and tension release enable me to handle basically everything the job throws at me, or quickly recover after. I’ve definitely become a fan, and I encourage all to try it. My crew gets younger, as I get older. The body maintenance tricks enable me to perform as a benefit as opposed to a detriment to my team. Learning to listen to my body, and then attend to it. Thank you to your team for benefitting my department. I’m thankful for your time with us, and I look forward to hopefully inspiring more people next year. Please tell them 1 unit appreciates them!

Lt. Jeremy Irwin, Madison Twp FD

Having the ability to work on our member’s physical and mental health has been a priority at our Department. The experience we have had with Wonder Within has been incredible and, most importantly, every member that has been involved thoroughly enjoys the program and looks forward to the next one.
Asst Chief Chas Adams, Madison Twp FD

I will admit I never thought yoga belonged in the fire service. I thought it belonged in a class somewhere where sounds of the ocean music was being played. Since implementing yoga on a weekly basis, I feel more connected with my mind and body and have learned new techniques to decompress from the stressors of the job. Yoga with The Wonder Within has taught me to be more open minded to different types of exercise and stretching to assist in prolonging my career.
Lt Kyle Stelzer from BST&G FD

The Wonder Within is more than just a yoga practice. When you leave, your body and mind will feel relaxed leaving you ready for what’s to come of the day. Amber, Brooke, Nicole and Abbe are professionals at their practice and are willing to adjust for our specific needs.
One Unit, Concord Twp FD

I thought she was really real and relatable. I really enjoyed her and will be watching her videos that were emailed to us.
United States Probation Southern District of Ohio

This was an amazing presentation. I looked around during the presentation and everyone was completely engaged and interested in what she was saying. I took a lot from it and feel it has motivated me to start getting healthy, physically and emotionally. I have looked at her website and may get involved with what she offers. Amazing presentation.
United States Probation Southern District of Ohio

I found this presenter to be the perfect way to end training. She had a great message and I appreciated her style. We need more presenters like her. I hope our district continues to work with her.
United States Probation Southern District of Ohio

I loved her presentation as it has made me stop, breathe and think in this busy world we try to exist in, this message is very much needed and appropriate. It was a phenomenal way to bring the entire training together to cap it off and leave on a great note.
United States Probation Southern District of Ohio

I really appreciate how authentic she was. From sharing details about her personal life to speaking freely and not censoring herself.
United States Probation Southern District of Ohio

We engaged The Wonder Within to provide a session at both our 2021 virtual and 2022 in-person annual conference. Offering this kind of wellness opportunity at our event was a new endeavor for us, but it was received with much appreciation by our attendees. Just one of the many positive comments collected after the conference described the session as, “well done and a great idea to relieve the stress that we experience daily. I believe it will impact my ability to perform my job more effectively”.In a time when overwhelm and compassion fatigue are so prevalent, The Wonder Within fills a very important and often overlooked need. Employees in any industry, but especially those in helping professions, would benefit from the services they offer.
Kate Neithammer, Communications and Office Manager