Onsite leadership training to help teams grow as leaders, starting with helping yourself so you can lead.

Physical, Mental, & Emotional Movement:
The Wonder Within’s Leadership Training service is a hands-on, interactive program that focuses on physical, mental, and emotional movement. We use exercises and dialogue to encourage personal growth and development for first responders, veterans, veteran care-givers, health care professionals, and educators. The program involves uncomfortable situations, such as close eye contact, listening and learning skills, and self-check honest conversations, and shared vulnerability has led to transformative experiences for participants.

By participating in our leadership trainings, our attendees take a close look at their own health and wellness. You’ll get insight on how physical, mental, and emotional health are tied, along with skills and technique to take care of your bodies and minds.

Asked Questions

Who is this for?

First responders (firefighters and police officers), veterans, veteran care-givers, health care professionals (nurses and doctors) educators (administrators and teachers). We work with small to large teams.

What will I or my team members get out of this?

You and your team will learn how to stand in your own power, to be the best version of yourself for you and those you lead.

What is the length and size of the leadership workshop?
This all varies, depending on the needs of your team. The sessions are typically full days and range from 5-20 attendees.


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