Through speaking engagements, we explore ways to lead mindfully and with intention.

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Speaking TopicS

Leading Mindfully

Are you being present? The job, life, and the world can be stressful and hard to manage. There is so much that can happen within our nervous system amid trauma and stress. We develop coping mechanisms to help us deal with or block out what triggers us. What are your coping mechanisms? Are they harming you or serving you? We will take an inventory of the stressors in your life, your coping mechanisms, what triggers you may have and discover what is serving you and what isn’t. We will explore ways to recognize when you are being triggered and look at other coping skills that could better serve you. Life is meant to be experienced not just lived. You're in a career of service to the community, we must also know how to serve ourselves and those at home.

Thriving Through Thunder

Storms are inevitable. Together we will find ways to stand strong through the thunder. We will evaluate habits, look at where you’re thriving and where you’re drowning, while creating non-negotiables for your own life. We will learn to stand strong, breathe easy and stay grounded while fueling your own inner fire.

Nutrition 101

In a world of fad diets and easily available unhealthy choices it's no surprise that we have a long list of health issues in America. This speaking topic will aim to offer simple yet healthy ideas and options in any busy firefighter. We will not only talk about the foods we eat but our lifestyle, relationships and life choices that inevitably affect our physical health. We are what we eat but many things are also eating at us that cause a magnitude of extra stress thus leading to constriction and heart attacks/strokes.

Move Your Body

We must move something to move something and nothing will change if nothing changes. In our busy society, we are being challenged to stay strong and healthy. This session offers ways to move and strengthen our body practically and intentionally. These functional exercises can be done anywhere with zero equipment. We will work every muscle group, from head to toes and multiple variations and modifications will be demonstrated for varying levels of fitness and ability. This session will also inspire participants to breathe deeper and more efficiently which ensures muscles are more properly engaged. The more we move our body and our breath in any environment, the better we feel. Please inquire about workshop cost and which other offerings can be easily bundled together. Prices vary based on number of participants and duration.

Wellness In and Out of the Firehouse

In the line of duty, we face intense physical, mental, and emotional challenges, but the flames we battle inside the firehouse often mirror the ones that burn within us, at home and work. Today, I want to ignite a conversation about nurturing our mental, physical, and emotional health both in and out of the firehouse, because a healthier, happier firefighter is an even more resilient one.

About Amber

Amber’s diverse background includes serving in the military, working as a firefighter, and becoming a skilled massage therapist and yoga teacher. In 2016, she founded The Wonder Within wellness center and yoga studio to bring healing to those who need it most. Despite facing hardships, Amber’s resilience led her to seek help and become an ambassador for the Save a Warrior program.
She now offers leadership training, keynote speeches, and corporate wellness programs, while continuing to prioritize her own well-being and serving others. Amber resides in Mt. Gilead with her husband and children, finding rejuvenation in outdoor activities and tending to longhorn cattle.

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